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dsc 0496Mineral makeup has been growing in popularity since it’s introduction primarily due to consumer awareness of the benefits of using pure ingredients. The hallmark of mineral makeup is that it looks natural and feels great. It is ideal for all skin tones and women of all ages! It covers imperfections, yet allows the skin to breathe and added benefits are a natural SPF of at least a 15. Other than mineral makeup, the vast majority of makeup on the market has ingredients that include potential irritants and for those prone to sensitivity or allergies, these ingredients can cause distress to the skin.

Our mineral makeup private label line is not only mineral based, but several of the products are truly "Makeup with benefits". Meaning that the product has been formulated to convey additional benefits consistent with our medical skin care product philosophy. Our foundation, primer and tinted moisture products feature a new technology that creates a true treatment-make up combination, containing a unique complex of copper and peptides to increase collagen and elastin production and visibly reduce the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles. We encourage you to try our brand and custom manufacturing solutions.

All of our products are talc and paraben free.

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Mineral Foundations

The Liquid Lift Foundation product features a new technology to create a true treatment foundation - containing a unique complex of copper and peptides to increase collagen and elastin production. This liquid Minerale Makeup has very good coverage yet looks natural with a slight luminescent quality. It stays put all day and is extremely smudge resistant. The base formulation is hydrating and non-drying. This is a marriage of skin treatment and makeup in a bottle, with added SPF benefit.

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Choose from a wide variety of pressed eyeshadows. Shimmery as well as matte finish, day and night combinations with hints of color or bold shades. The sky is the limit.

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Long-lasting lip color in a matte finish; stays for hours. Vibrant colors in pearl shimmering colors.

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Face Brushes

Liquid foundation brush - long wide head designed to evenly spread foundation across skin for a flawless finish. Powder brush - Full rounded bristles for creating a smooth and well-blended skin tone. Use with loose or pressed face powders. Blush brush - Smaller brush of the complexion series designed to add color and contour to the cheeks and jawline. Concealer brush - A flat head of bristles, designed to evenly spread concealer for perfect coverage.

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