Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Private Label and Custom Manufacturing /Development?

Private Labeling is our turnkey process whereby you select our stock formulas, rename them to you’re your business and we provide packaging with labels using your logo. Minimums are only twelve pieces per product. Custom Manufacturing and Development includes customization of our stock formulas, creation of a new formulation or manufacturing of a client-owned formula. Minimums start at 100 to 500 pieces per item. Packaging choices include our standard options with labels, or you may provide your own custom packaging or labels.

What are the packaging options?

We carry a number of packaging options to allow you to choose the right look for your business. Some of our stock packaging is displayed below. We can custom fill your own packaging as well. We offer many upgraded features, including custom names and descriptions, enabling you to promote your signature treatments and services. If you would like custom boxes, we can connect you with our quality vendors.

Stock Packaging

What are the minimums?

Unlike many companies who require substantial orders, our minimums for private label products are only twelve pieces per item for our stock products. Custom products begin with minimums of 100 to 500 pieces per item.

What is the process for turnkey Private Label products?

  1. Request samples and evaluate products
  2. Select products and packaging
  3. Provide your logo and name your products
  4. Approve your labels
  5. Place your order

About the Process

What is the process for Custom Manufacturing and Development?

  1. Open an inquiry regarding custom products
  2. Sign a contract for custom formulating services
  3. Receive prototype products
  4. Approve prototype products
  5. Select our stock packaging or provide your own packaging
  6. Provide your logo for labels and name your products, or provide your own labels
  7. Approve your labels (if produced by Trilogy)
  8. Place your order
  9. Receive your custom manufactured line of private label products

Custom Manufacturing

What is the label design process?

You will need a label design for each product you sell. Most clients use their current logo and then choose a name for each of their products. However, if you need a graphic designer to create a logo for you, we can refer you to a freelance artist who can work with you to create a design. Clients provide us with a full-color or black and white .pdf or .ai file of the logo and we design the label using our templates to fit the stock packaging.  We add your custom product names, your business name, website address and city/state. We adjust the font to best blend with your logo. You will receive a PDF proof of the label for final approval before printing.

When will I get my products?

Generally speaking, the private label process can take up to 6-8 weeks for the first order, including:

  • Client assessment of products
  • Choice of product, packaging and names
  • Design, approval and production of labels
  • Placement of order
  • Fulfillment and shipment of order

Repeat orders of Private Label products are shipped in 2 weeks if everything is in stock.

Custom Manufacturing and Development usually takes 3-4 months to get the first production run completed. Any changes to the stock formula must be tested for stability. Future orders are scheduled with our normal production runs. Generally, production is scheduled in 2-4 weeks, but could be longer if ingredients are not available and/or production of other product is heavy. Customers are urged to forecast custom orders in advance and not to wait until they are out of product before re-ordering.

What if I have my own formula? Can Trilogy manufacture it?

Yes, under several conditions, including assurance that you are the owner of that formula. After signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement, Trilogy will review your formula to see if we can produce it at our facility. If there are specialty ingredients we do not stock, you may be asked to supply them for your product. Minimums apply to custom manufacturing of non-trilogy owned formulas.

What are payment terms?

Private Label products are billed in full to the client upon shipment. Custom manufacturing may be subject to a 25-50% down payment at the time of order, with the balance due at the time of shipment. Terms may be negotiated for long-term customers.

Is there a start-up fee for turnkey Private Label products?

Yes. The start-up fee is due prior to label development. Our graphic artists will take your logo and design the labels. We will then purchase labels on your behalf to hold at Trilogy for future orders. Please ask us about our current fee structure.

Is there a formulation fee for Custom Development?

Yes. Custom formulations require laboratory research and development time and testing. Fees vary and are based on an hourly rate plus the amount of work necessary to produce the product. Please ask us for our current fee structure. Development fees are due prior to manufacturing the custom product prototypes.

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