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kristen flahartyYour clients want to put their best face forward. They may have tried a skincare cream that promised incredible ” rejuvenating effects” or ” magical skin transformation” but didn’t deliver the promised results. Isn’t it time you put your name on a product that really works?

As a seasoned pharmaceutical product development professional, Dr. Kristen Flaharty, founder of Trilogy Laboratories, has spent many years in the industry developing prescription drug products for national and international companies. She identified small batch production as an unfilled niche in the skin care product industry, since many retailers can’t sell quantities they are required to purchase from large manufacturers before they expire. Among the people in that position was Flaharty’s husband, Dr. Patrick Flaharty, who owns Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa.

Having little success in sourcing high-end skin care products in small quantities to private label for her husband’s practice, Flaharty decided the best option would to be compounding her own formulas to fill the need.

shutterstock 1221555505In late 2014, Flaharty purchased the assets of a small cosmetic manufacturing company and named it Trilogy Laboratories, after her three daughters. The purchase included two product brands, manufacturing equipment, formulas and some inventory. Over the next two years, Trilogy built a new 2,500 square foot, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Fort Myers.

Today, Trilogy Laboratories produces premium skincare products, from anti-aging creams and post-treatment products to mineral makeup for clients, including Azul Medical Spa. Trilogy partners with the Florida Academy of Skin Care to provide its professional product lines, Integraderm, to students and other local and regional skin care providers. Other products include Minerale Makeup, a line of mineral-based, natural makeup; and private label and custom products, which is Trilogy’s sales-leading sector. Since its inception, Trilogy Laboratories has increased product sales and grown the corporate client base nearly fourfold. Currently, the products are distributed nationwide in physician offices, medical spas and esthetician run skincare practices.

Dr. Kristen Flaharty believes in being an active community partner. Trilogy participates in Manufacturing Day, the Lee County STEM at Work program, and has hosted several student interns in an effort to showcase careers in manufacturing. Trilogy has received several manufacturing awards, including SRMA Small Manufacturer of the Year, Manufacturers Association of Florida Manufacturer of the Year Finalist, and the prestigious Governor’s Sterling Manufacturing Award for Excellence in Business Finalist.

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