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Dermatologists care about two things when it comes to skin care: 1) that the products are safe and 2) that they work. That is why Trilogy Laboratories is the favored manufacturer for dermatology offices that choose to not only offer skin care services to their patients, but also want to retail highly effective products. Both our private label products and our branded ID Skin line are perfect to use on and retail to clients that want improvement in their skin.

Medical grade skin care means that the products are held to a higher standard. We use researched ingredients at therapeutic levels to ensure that skin challenges are addressed. Blemishes are cleared, hyperpigmentation is corrected, skin is smoothed, plumped and protected from environmental stressors with active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. Our formulations ensure that active ingredients deeply penetrate down to where they do their best work. And our small batch production and high-quality packaging means freshness guaranteed to our medical office clients.

Integraderm for Skincare Professionals

Originally formulated for a medical aesthetics office, our ID Skin care line is extremely high in active ingredients that make a visible improvement on the skin. Our different Collections of products within the ID Skin line offer a myriad of solutions so that professionals can help their clients by specifically targeting their skin care challenges. Complementary back bar products ensure that the highest potency of peels, serums, and masks can be used during services for treatments that keep clients coming back.

And sending ID Skin retail products home will ensure that the positive change they experienced in the clinic will continue for the ultimate skin transformation. And ID Skin products are packaged in high quality containers that protect them from air and light keeping them active, fresh, and free of contamination. Elegant aluminum and glass jars in addition to silver airless containers make a contemporary display in medical offices and spas, alike.

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Private Label for Dermatologists

If your practice is strongly branded and wants product exclusivity in the marketplace, then private label is the ideal choice for your business. Trilogy Laboratories private labels the same efficacious skin care solutions offered in our ID Skin line that can be tailored to your specific business. Not only is your company name featured on the product, you control the look of the label including color, design, and name of the product.

We offer a wide range of packaging for you to choose from and the opportunity to add signature scents and botanical extracts to our stock products help to make them uniquely you. Private Label offers the opportunities for higher profit margins and setting your own price point; charge what you want and discount products when you wish because there is no MSRP. If you are ready to have your business name featured on your own product line and keep your patients loyal to your brand, then private label is right for you.

Back Bar Products

Whether you retail our ID Skin line or private label your own products, Trilogy Labs has back bar products that can be utilized in all of your skin care treatments. Our professional strength products feature active ingredients that make visible improvements in your clients’ skin!

Some of our featured ingredients include:

  1. Growth Factors – 5 different bio-engineered human recombinant Growth Factors increase skin elasticity by up to 47% in 4 weeks.
  2. Stem Cells – Plant-derived stem cells elicit a rejuvenating effect by lifting and firming skin while fighting wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen and elastin, 53% and 81%, respectively.
  3. Peptides – Amino Acids, the building block of peptides and proteins, work synergistically with Growth Factors and Stem Cells to increase cell turnover accelerating the production of new healthy skin, collagen, and elastin.
  4. Ceramides – bind cells together for a smooth, firm appearance. They form the protective barrier of skin and are perfect for boosting moisture and stimulating repair.
  5. Hyaluronic Acids – 7 active forms of Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights provide immediate moisturization to skin at multiple layers in as little as 30 minutes, while also offering long-term 24-hour hydration.
  6. Vitamins – Vitamin C, B9, and E work as antioxidants to promote cell turnover, heal, reduce redness and maintain healthy skin.
  7. Fatty Acids – Omega-3, 6, and 9 play an integral role in reducing inflammation in the skin, increasing the smoothness and softness of the skin, and enhances its ability to act as a protective barrier. Avocado and Sunflower Oils are abundant in Omega Fatty Acids supporting healthy skin.
  8. Natural Active Ingredients – Red Marine Algae has been shown to increase cell turnover, firmness, elasticity, and smoothness reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while Poria Mushroom and Reed Grass effectively reduce inflammation and strongly support skin in dealing with external stressors, which is ideal immediately post procedure.

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Either branded or private labeled, you can trust that our professional products offered to dermatologists are of the highest quality, are exclusive, and offer a profitable way for you to provide result-oriented services and products to your patients.

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