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Custom Development is the perfect option when unique brand stories or exclusivity are important. Some physicians and medical spas also find custom development important to tailor products to their practice or procedures. Most clients assess our private label products and use them 'as is' if the products fit within their practice or brand. You do have the option to modify private label products for custom development.

Understandably, minimum purchase orders for custom products are higher than private label stock formulations, and additional formulation fees are applicable. That said, we have the lowest minimum purchase requirements for custom products in the industry. Most small businesses cannot afford to have custom products due to high initial investment and large minimum purchases. Because of our small batch production methods, we are able to offer custom products at a small minimum.

Custom manufacturing minimums begin at 100 pieces (approximately 1 gallon) for most products. Custom products may be purchased in any of our standard packaging options so you can add them to existing private label product line if desired. We can also work with client-supplied packaging should you purchase directly from your own suppliers.

What is the process for Custom Manufacturing?

  1. Open an inquiry regarding custom products
  2. Sign a contract for custom formulating services
  3. Receive prototype products
  4. Approve prototype products
  5. Select our stock packaging or provide your own packaging
  6. Provide your logo for labels and name your products, or provide your own labels
  7. Approve your labels (if produced by Trilogy)
  8. Place your order
  9. Receive your custom manufactured line of private label products

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