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Collaborate with Trilogy Labs to develop a personalized skincare line featuring high-quality, effective products.

The Best Private Label Body & Skincare Products in Texas

Our collection of private label products offers a variety of skincare solutions enhanced with powerful active ingredients that contribute to significant improvements in skin health.


A Seamless Private Label Skincare Manufacturing Process for Texas Beauty & Cosmetic Companies

  • Step 1: Request Samples & Evaluate Products

  • Step 2: Select Products & Packaging

  • Step 3: Provide Logo & Name Your Products

  • Step 4: Approve Your Labels

  • Step 5: Place Your Order

Trusted by Leading Estheticians & Dermatologists

We specialize in delivering dependable, high-quality skincare products to beauty companies, estheticians, and dermatologists nationwide. Some of the businesses that turn to Trilogy Laboratories for premium skincare products include:

What It’s Like to Partner with Trilogy Labs

"My shipment came in today I’m so excited you have no idea. The products are so rich feeling and smell 10x better than the previous company I used before. I was afraid, that switching suppliers could end me, but it turned out to be much better! Everything smells & feels like products out of Saks 5th Avenue."

"Everyone seemed to love getting the samples and our booth went really well! The samples you created for us were well done and professional. Thank you!"

"I am so excited to launch this year and couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with!"

The BAKUCHIOL CACTUS SERUM is an amazing product. The skin feel and appearance are amazing – absorbs instantly, leaves the skin soft, hydrated, and glowing and works for all skin types. This is a winner. I love that cactus is one of the hero ingredients – the skin benefits are decent, but the marketability is limitless.


Great ingredients, fantastic skin feel, great appearance, absorbs quickly and works for all skin types. No negative feedback at all. Normal and/or dry skin patients did notice an immediate lift. Great product!


Fantastic product, great ingredients, great skin feel. Works for all skin types, no tackiness and leaves the skin soft, smooth and plump. Three forms of retinol in one product is extremely marketable!


Fantastic product – great ingredients, great skin feel. We all loved the cream’s smooth silky texture.


Amazing product; skin feel is wonderful – absorption is fast and the skin is soft and smooth with a barely noticeable soft and silky protective film. Ingredient deck is top notch.


Very interesting product. The ingredients are fantastic and super-marketable because people like flower extracts. The skin feel is great and it does have some instant illuminating and firming action – the skin appears smoother and fresh.


This really is a luxury cream. Fantastic product.

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Partner with Trilogy Labs for the Best Texas-Based Skincare Products!

The Best Private Label Body and Skincare Products in Texas

Dreaming of establishing your own Texas-based skincare brand? Eliminate the hassle and trust us with the entire process, including formulation, manufacturing, and labeling of your skincare products.

At Trilogy Laboratories, our experienced project consultants will assist you in crafting outstanding products that seamlessly align with your brand. Our attractive packaging, flexible minimum order quantities, and personalized formulas are sure to make a lasting impact on your customers and foster the expansion of your beauty enterprise.

It's no mystery; our product line stands as the ultimate choice for premium private label skincare.

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