You’ve done your market research, developed a logo and branded your company, and perhaps you have even identified some types of products that you would love to add to your own private label skin, hair, or body care line. So, what’s next? Finding a company that is a “good fit” with your business’ needs and vision is imperative for success. Here are some questions worth considering when “interviewing” organizations that you may (or may not) want to partner with:

  • What is the company’s Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)? If you are a start up and need to begin at 12 units per product but their MOQ is 1,000 units per product, that may be too high of a starting order for you to consider. Make sure the company can start low and grow alongside your needs.
  • Are they a lab? Or a middle man? Some companies private label products but they do not actually make the products and are dependent on other labs for stock and also for pricing. Ultimately, they can’t control what is available to them or the price of those products. And sometimes they stock items from other countries where product regulations are not so stringent. Laboratories in the United States, on the other hand, have chemists in control of their formulas, manufacture on site with strict guidelines, and are most dependable when it comes to stability of offerings and pricing.
  • Are the labels 100% customizable? You’ve worked hard and devoted time and money towards your branding and it should be reflected on the label! Can you change the color and imagery of the entire label? Add your company name, logo, and even change the name and description of the product if you so choose? What about label shape and material? Is it possible to have metallic on your label or printed with a glossy or matte finish? Make sure your private label laboratory can meet and exceed your label expectations!
  • Are the products “active” delivering visible results? After all, if your customers can’t see positive improvement in their skin, why would they continue to buy your products? Check out the company’s ingredient lists and make sure that their formulas include active, trending ingredients with a track record, and not just a lot of feel-good fillers.
  • Does the private label skin care laboratory have product and project experts that are available to assist with your product launch and answer all of your questions both by phone and email? It will be important to have easy access to supportive professionals that can counsel you as you launch your new line!

At Trilogy Laboratories, our Project Consultants will walk you through our 10 Steps to Success so that you will cross the finish line with private label products that perfectly represent your company and vision.

    1. Sampling: The first step is to try our samples. If you are interested in scenting or adding an additive to your product, you can request scent samples and ask your Project Consultant about our Additive and Fragrance Programs.
    2. Sizing:  Refer to the Pricing Sheet and look at the sizes the products come in.  For example, an eye cream may come in a 1oz or 2oz size while a body cream may come in a 2oz or 8oz size.  Pick your size.
    3. Quantity:  Refer to the Pricing Sheet and pick the quantity of units that you want to purchase for each product.  Notice that there are tiers of pricing and the higher the number of units, the lower the price. Our MOQ starts at 12 units per product!
    4. Packaging:  Refer to the packaging photos and choose your containers.  Keep in mind that you will have to choose containers that come in the sizes that you have already chosen for your product and that are appropriate for your product. If you wish to use other packaging, you can always ship it to us and Trilogy will fill and label it for you.
    5. Production Quote:  Submit your order via email to a Project Consultant.  You will receive a production quote with the pricing.
    6. Make Changes:  This is your time to request a prototype of your product (for a fee) or make any changes that you want to the production quote.
    7. Final Approval:  When you approve your production quote, it will be sent to accounting and you will put down a 50% deposit.  Changes cannot be made after this time.
    8. Graphic Design:  After you make your deposit, your project will be given to a graphic designer.  There are two ways to get your labels designed:
      1. You can hire your own graphic designer to design your labels. You will need to have your labels printed yourself.
      2. You can hire our in-house Graphic Designer.
    9. Printing: After the labels are designed, they will be sent to a digital press label printer. Although there is a one-time set-up fee, the cost of the labels are included in the price of an order.
    10. Production:  Your order is sent into production and within 6-9 weeks from your Production Quote Approval (Step 7), you will receive your order or we will ship your order to your established Amazon or other on-line fulfillment center. Re-orders take about 2-4 weeks.

Want more information or are you ready to move forward with your personal private label project? Then call us at 239.939.5454 x102 or shoot us an email at – we are here to help!

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