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The Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care

Have you ever wondered about using Peptides in anti-aging cosmetics? The discovery of how these protein fragments work in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production is relatively recent, but the application for these wrinkle reducers is growing fast with many new Peptides and products being introduced into the beauty marketplace. What Are Peptides? […]

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Best Moisturizing Oils for Dry Skin

It’s understood that perfectly healthy and balanced skin needs no moisturizer. But until we reach that ultimate and most high state of skin perfection – bring it on! Many factors both extrinsic (environmental) and intrinsic (internal) affect the moisturization level of the skin. Ethnicity, hydration of the body, sun exposure, gender, and age are a […]

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Private Label Anti-Aging Skin Care

What is a Private Label Anti-Aging Skin Care Line? You are a brand owner, and no one has a clearer understanding of your clients, competition, and vision than you! You’ve started and branded your company with a distinctive personality and you would like that to carry over into your product offerings or facial backbar. Your […]

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Company to Watch | Trilogy Laboratories, LLC

The results are in. Nine businesses in Southwest Florida have made the cut as finalists for the honor of “Company to Watch,” a designation that recognizes stand-out companies across the state. The annual awards program is run by GrowFL, in cooperation with the Edward Lowe Foundation, whose mission is to leverage entrepreneurship as a strategy for economic […]

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5 Summer Skin Care Tips for Your Private Label Skin Care Line

Water. It’s the very molecule that comprises 65% of our body. And it’s this same molecule that determines how well, or not so well, our cells age – dictating everything from athletic performance to overall health to the look and feel of our skin.  In fact, many believe that dehydration is the main culprit for […]

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Customize Your Private Label Products Using Essential Oils and Fragrance

The Fine Art of Fragrance Ancient civilizations used plants as far back as 4,000 years for everything from flavoring foods to scenting their bath water.  Fragrance permeated the ancient world from scented oils used to adorn the body to incense burnt in homes and temples.  Cleopatra, the iconic seductress, was supposedly a big fan of […]

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Make Your Own Skin Care Product with Private Labeling

Have You Ever Wondered How to Make Skin Care Products? You’ve probably spent countless hours perusing the back label of many products wondering what it takes to make the myriad of offerings that are available on the current skincare scene.  Perhaps you have even searched for some DIY recipes on how to concoct your own […]

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Our New Private Label Approach | Trilogy Laboratories, LLC

When it comes to creating your own custom private label skin care products, Trilogy Laboratories understands the importance of crafting products tailored to your practice or business. We manufacture skincare products for physicians, medical spas, day spas, and small businesses that sell our products under their own name or brand – but the best part […]

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Get Beautiful Skin & Blume Items | Trilogy Laboratories, LLC

In the skincare business, beauty trends rapidly appear on the scene with most fading fast. But some stay indefinitely and revolutionize the industry forever, changing formulations and the way we think about our skincare offerings. So, what differentiates between a “dud” and a skincare “keeper” and where does the staying power of CBD beauty products […]

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Boost Your Beauty Business | Trilogy Laboratories, LLC

With all of the stay-at-home orders and social distancing that took place in 2020, the Coronavirus provided a unique opportunity. Many beauty mavens, entrepreneurs, and new business start-ups were able to flourish during the pandemic as they provided products and services we all needed, like lotions, soaps, lip care, and other at-home skincare products. And […]

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