Growing a beard has been a sign of manliness since the beginning of time. And let’s face it, beards shave time, too. The average man will spend 4.5 months of their life shaving. Just think of the amazing things you could be doing with that time… like kayaking some Class V rapids… or private labeling some awesome products for beards! And in your arsenal of beard care products there should be some basics. Like a beard brush to help tame and train your hair into architectural follicular delights such as the goatee or handlebar moustache (or in the least, to keep the knots out). A great cleanser, beard oil, and beard balm will also go the distance to keep it clean, soft, and manageable. And with a variety of manly fragrances and essential oils to choose from, your beardsmen can have great smelling facial hair for a beard that is no less than epic.

So, let’s look at your private label options so that you can get your product line branded and to market to keep the bearded looking their best!

What Is Beard Balm?

A beard balm, sometimes called beard butter, is a product primarily composed of different plant seed butters such as Shea and Mango. The butters can be infused with botanical oils such as Coconut or Hemp that not only keep hair shiny but can make skin supple and less irritable. The higher viscosity of the product means that it coats the hairs and takes longer to absorb. This creates more of a slow-release conditioning effect on the beard. Beeswax bumps up the balm’s ability to act as a styling agent lending shape to and control of facial hair.

What Does Beard Balm Do?

When used as a styling agent, beard balm can tame even the burliest of beards. It also works as a leave-in conditioner that will help to soften the beard eliminating that dry, scratchy beard texture. Beard butters can be versatile and many lend themselves to being used as a moisturizing agent for the skin especially dry elbows, knees, or anywhere your skin needs a little love. For this reason, in addition to the fact that they are not liquids (meaning they’ll make it through security before a flight), beard balms make great travel companions.

Beard Balm vs Oil

Beard balms are primarily made of thicker plant seed butters whereas beard oils are made primarily from…well…plant oils! Jojoba, Coconut, and Hemp oils are just some of the star ingredients that beard oils may be composed of. Beard oils are lighter weight liquids that absorb more quickly than balms. They can be massaged down into the skin replacing some of the natural oils that are washed away during the cleansing process. This helps to soothe skin that may be irritated by ingrowns and also helps to prevent beardruff (the facial version of dandruff).

Using Beard Balm & Beard Oil

How to Use Beard Balm

After cleansing, scrape out a dime sized amount of balm and run between palms to melt. Brush hands downward onto the hair of chin and cheeks. Gently massage the butters into the skin to moisturize and brush beard downward to smooth. Shape beard and mustache as desired. Can be used daily, day or night.

How to Use Beard Oil

After cleansing, apply a few drops with fingertips onto beard. Brush hands downward onto the hair of chin and cheeks. Gently massage oil into the skin to moisturize and brush beard downward to smooth. Can be used daily, day or night.

Best Beard Balm & Beard Oil Products

Hemp Beard Balm

Even the burliest of beards can be tamed with this premium balm crafted with an amalgam of nourishing botanical extracts. Mango Seed butter, abundant in Vitamin A, helps eliminate itchy, irritable skin even soothing in-growns while African Shea butter nourishes skin and hair. Hemp, Coconut, and Abyssinia oils keep skin supple and hair shiny. Eucalyptus Essential Oil imparts a fresh, natural, and invigorating aroma.

Tamanu Beard Oil

Smooth coarse, prickly beard hair and hydrate dry skin with this nourishing Tamanu infused beard oil. Jojoba Seed and Oat Kernel oils promote strong, healthy hair and calm irritated or dehydrated skin. Tamanu oil helps soothe irritation caused by in-growns and imparts a polished shine. With daily use, beard hair is conditioned and softened while dry skin is hydrated and soothed.

Diversify Your Skin Care Line with Private Label Beard Balm & Beard Oil!

Trilogy Labs offers private label beard care products that can be easily customized with a signature scent. Our 100% customizable labels means that the sky is the limit when it comes to label design. Your branding logos, colors, and language will dictate your completely unique label so that your branding story is prominent and consistent. With many other product options such as cleansers and eye creams, you can offer beyond beard care so that your private label men’s skin care line is complete. Contact a Trilogy Labs’ Project Consultant at 239.939.5454 or at to get your private label project launched.

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