Congratulations! You’ve decided on private labeling and selected a manufacturer. There are a few more steps, though, before you’re ready to get it in the hands of consumers.

First, you need to nail down the product itself. Many manufacturers, Trilogy included, give you the choice of using a variety of stock formulas. Trilogy sends you samples of the products once you make your product selections for a final evaluation and approval. That gives you an opportunity to test the product among colleagues and trusted clientele and gather feedback that allows you to see whether the product is the right fit for your business. Trilogy does allow you to make some custom changes to their stock formulas, if you are buying larger quantities. This option is not available at most private label manufacturers and is one of the benefits of working with a smaller manufacturer.

But the product is just one part of the equation. It’s time to think about packaging and labeling. This is where your brand truly comes to life. From glass jars to plastic pump bottles, the right look can reinforce your overall messaging and engage consumers. At Trilogy, we make recommendations on packaging and provide design services for label manufacturing. If you are participating in our small minimum order program, we have stock packaging that we know performs well with each product. If you are a small business ordering a large quantity of product, you may choose to supply your own packaging.

Trilogy works with a team of graphic artists who get to know your brand, embrace what it represents and produce label designs that jump-start your business. We also provide printing services if you prefer to use your own trusted third-party designer. Simply provide us with your logo from a design agency or your in-house staff, let us know the names you have chosen for each product and we’ll handle the rest.

Trilogy provides a color label proof for your final approval prior to going to print. Once we get your blessing, your product, packaging and label all go into production.

Just remember, good things take time. It takes some care and attention to come up with the perfect product, packaging and label. The product selection and packaging design process can easily take a month to six weeks. Once completed, orders typically ship within two to four weeks. So, get started and order early! The upfront time it takes will be worth it to create just the right custom product your clients are sure to love.

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