Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed in a beauty mega-store searching for just the right product?  Well you are not alone. Men and women alike flock to the nearest beauty store in hopes of finding the perfect product that can revitalize their skin. From acne to wrinkles, everyone has a skin condition they are trying to overcome. But is there an ingredient that can do it all? A cornerstone to our daily regimens? We believe the answer is, yes, and it’s Vitamin A!

Unlike some other nutrients, Vitamin A consists of a group of compounds, including active components (retinoids) and pro-vitamins (carotenoids) such as beta-carotene. Although retinoids and carotenoids are both a source of Vitamin A, there are multiple different chemical structures within the groups which affect how quickly they can penetrate your skin, and get to work. In our diet, pro-vitamin A’s primary role is ensuring healthy vision, whereas topically retinoids contribute to skin health.

Skin Benefits

Research shows topical use of Vitamin A can brighten, clear, and revitalize the skin making it the foundation of healthy skin.

Vitamin A can reduce or eliminate acne. Since the FDA approved its used in cosmetic products—nearly fifty years ago—dermatologists are still using retinoids to treat acne. Its ability to prevent clogged pores and kill bacteria, results in decreasing the appearance of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Paired with its potent antioxidant properties, it reduces inflammation and irritation allowing the skin to breath. Retinoids also play well with other medicated creams, such as benzoyl peroxide, allowing quicker results.

Vitamin A also has proven anti-aging properties. Over time, collagen production in our skin is decreased, causing laxity and wrinkles. By reducing pore (follicle) size and encouraging healthy keratinocyte generation, old damaged cells (including dark spots) are shed, at the same time, fine lines are smoothed, returning your skin to its natural glow.

Side Effects

When using a product containing Vitamin A there will be some degree of redness and flakiness. But these effects will subside once your skin becomes accustomed to it. To manage these symptoms, it’s best to gradually introduce Vitamin A into your regimen. We recommend using such products every other night or second night at first, and increasing to daily use as your tolerance builds.

Retionid Strength

Retinoids come in several chemical forms. All derivatives of Vitamin A provide the same benefits; however, some are weaker and may take longer to see an effect. As we discussed above, those effects can also come with irritation and dryness and some of the weaker forms of Vitamin A maybe ideal for first time users, or for those who want the benefits of Vitamin A without the risks of irritation.

Retinyl Palmitate, is the least irritating compound. Once applied to the skin it will be converted twice; once to Retinol and again to Retinoic Acid. Retinol itself, considered stronger than Retinyl palmitate, can be applied to the skin and is then converted to retinoic acid.  Retinoic Acid—commonly called Retin A —is the most potent form of Vitamin A and must be prescribed by a specialist.

Here at Trilogy Laboratories, we are committed to creating high quality products that are backed by scientific studies. Dr. Kristen Flaharty has formulated several Vitamin A based products to suit everyone’s individual needs and to jump-start healthier skin.

  • Anti–Age Serum: This is a gentle Retinol formulation containing both Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate. For those that do not tolerate epidermal dryness of prescription Retinoids, this product provides all the benefits of anti-aging that Vitamin A can offer in a gentler form, without the dryness.
  • O2 Night Cream: This velvety brightening night cream contains glycolic acid combined with retinol. This combination leads to increased turn over of skin cells with the exfoliation properties of glycolic acid and increases penetration of retinol for absorption for restorative properties.
  • Revive Mask: This product is an enzyme exfoliator plus skin tightening and rejuvenating Retinol complex. Natural enzymes denature proteins of surface dead cells with an accelerator of lactic acid, enhancing the delivery of Vitamin A. We recommend use of this product in both antiaging regimens and supportive acne treatment.  Used as a mask twice weekly.
  • Vita A Pro Serum: This is our strongest Vitamin A product.  It is a serum that helps to modulate oil secretions and assist with acne control as well as  re-vascularize skin using Retinol. A powerful product, this formula is more than double in strength of most retail versions.
  • Vita C Emulsion with A&E: This lightweight and hydrating emulsion contains Vitamins A (in the form of Retinyl Palmitate), C and E in a liposomal formulation.  Liposome technology is similar to a tiny balloon with a layer of thicker lipids on the outside and a thinner solution of ingredients on the inside (Vitamins A, C and E, in this case).  When the liposome balloon bursts, ingredients are released. The lipid exterior allows for better absorption into the skin and a prolonged effect. This product is our gentlest Vitamin A product and appropriate for mature skin types to combat dehydration while providing Vitamins A, C and E to those who cannot tolerate a more aggressive product.

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