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Have You Ever Wondered How to Make Skin Care Products?

You’ve probably spent countless hours perusing the back label of many products wondering what it takes to make the myriad of offerings that are available on the current skincare scene.  Perhaps you have even searched for some DIY recipes on how to concoct your own products by raiding your fridge and using fresh ingredients from the market.  And after experiencing a home-crafted cocktail of avocado, lemon, and cucumber to soothe skin and delight the senses, you’ve pondered if it’s possible to find pre-made products that are as fresh, safe, and effective as whipping them up in your own kitchen.  Could a private label skin care company exist that makes products worthy of wearing your brand name that are consistent, a great value, and offer visible results?

Enter Trilogy Laboratories.  Trilogy was built on the concept of producing small batches of products made fresh to order using both natural and scientifically advanced ingredients eliciting a positive change in the skin!  By partnering with a boutique-based private label company, you can offer exclusive high quality products without the work.  Skip the messy at-home chemistry and let us formulate, manufacture, and label your products in our one-stop-shop with personal assistance by our Project Consultants.  Private label doesn’t get any better than this.

Make Your Own Skin Care Products with Private Labeling

Are you ready to elevate your brand by creating your own product line?  Trilogy Labs stocks products ready for your company name and logo that are loaded with active ingredients.  We also offer a beautiful selection of packaging.  Choose the styles that will align with your branding for complete customization.  With low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and zero competition, you can quickly develop a loyal fan base with a product line that you can grow as your company expands.  Follow these 5 simple steps for private label success!

  1. Order Samples and Evaluate Products – to ensure that your products will represent your brand, we know you will want to test them before making your decisions. Our Project Consultant will walk you through the sample ordering process after you receive a catalogue of available products.
  2. Select Products and Packaging – Once you’ve decided on the products you want to offer, we will help you choose packaging from our selection of stock offerings. Our goal is for your products to look upscale and luxurious. You can choose from any of our offerings to create your own unique look.
  3. Brand Your Products – our graphics team will guide you on the label design of your product including logo development, color choices and layout for a truly custom design.
  4. Approve and Print Your Labels – After the labels are designed, we will send you a proof for approval before they are sent to a high quality digital press label printer.
  5. Production – A Production Quote will be provided listing all the details unique to your company that makes it easy to order and reorder. You should expect to receive your first shipment 3 to 4 weeks after you have approved your quote and placed your first order. Reorders typically take 1 to 2 weeks. We will ship your order to you or your established Amazon or other on-line fulfillment center.

Trilogy Laboratories Gives You Control Without the Work

With three levels of customization, you can create products that are a perfect fit for your brand.  Trilogy Laboratories offers unique programs depending on your strategy, timeline, and budget.

  1. Stock Formulations – With an MOQ of only 12 units, this is the perfect way to launch your projects quickly and within your budget. Choose from an extensive catalogue of skin, hair, and lip products with CBD and Organic+ lines.
  2. Fragrance and Additive Programs – Each brand needs to find a niche that makes it stand out and is the solution for a target client. A unique ingredient can do just that.  Trilogy Labs understands the importance of additives and aromatics and how a signature ingredient added to a stock formulation can distinguish your brand and give your clients a unique experience.
  3. Custom Formulation Program – Whether you are an on-line entrepreneur, a doctor ready to start your own medical product line, or an esthetician with a facial treatment prac­tice, our Custom Formulation Program is the perfect option when unique brand stories or exclusivity are of paramount importance. If a one-of-a-kind formulation is essential to your brand, Trilogy Labs is the perfect choice. We have low minimums and testing fees and quality packaging options making custom formulation accessible to even small businesses.

Our array of packaging and labeling options creates another opportunity for you to select containers that are aligned with your vision.  We will even fill your own custom packaging if you prefer to source your own.  And the prices that you will charge for your products are also totally under your command.  Set your own retail price and therefore profit margin and have the flexibility to increase prices or put products on sale at your own discretion.  With no opening orders, yearly minimums, selling restrictions, or pricing requirements, you are in complete control of your private label line – we’re just here to help!

Market Your Custom Skin Care Products

With private label products, the avenues for sale are endless and can include a brick and mortar business, in-home sales, a personal website, or sales through an on-line distributor like Amazon.  Or perhaps a social media based business is your forte – but no matter what your marketing approach, you can be sure that you’ll experience zero head-to-head competition with a uniquely branded line.

You can specifically target your marketing niche no matter what your branding style whether it be:

  • The Organic Hippie
  • The Young & Hip
  • The Haute High End

Of course, this list is not finite.  There are many other niches that you can target to create a super star product line that specifically appeals to your ideal customer and reflects the brand that is uniquely YOU!

When you are ready to make your own skincare products, contact a Project Consultant at 239.939.5454 or and we will immediately help get you started on your private label project.

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