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Our Azul Decadent Shower Oil has been featured in Carla Snuggs Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog!

Have you ever thought about using a cleansing oil? Carla tells you how!

I had no idea that a shower oil could be used In so many ways and I am hooked. I used it to cleanse, to double cleanse, in my bath, and as a shaving oil. Azul’s Decadent Shaving oil feels just like its name: Decadent.

It’s luxurious and has a delicate, clean scent like all of their other products. It comes out clear but then turns a bit foamy as you begin to massage it in the skin. When I used it to cleanse, double cleanse and in my bath, it was very soothing and I noticed my skin was extraordinarily hydrated afterward without a greasy feel. I used it as a shaving oil on my legs and it made my razor glide – there was no pull on my skin, so I got a great shave, much better than with my regular shaving cream.

The end result was smooth, moisturized skin – no scrapes or cuts. I will definitely purchase this shower oil again because it’s also a clean skincare product that is very effective. I also love the price point. A little goes a very long way!

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