Most of us understand the importance of incorporating vitamins into our daily diet – “You are what you eat,” after all. But topical application of certain vitamins is also an essential component of an effective beauty regimen. One of the most important is vitamin C.

Although it is essential for number body functions, your body is unable to produce vitamin C on its own. And, as we age, the amount of Vitamin C in our skin decreases. When you eat a ripe, juicy orange, your body uses the nutrient to prevent and repair cell damage. Applied topically, vitamin C exerts a similar effect on your skin. Sweet, right?

Topical application can significantly raise the concentration of vitamin C found in your skin. A proper vitamin C formulation works by:

  1. Protecting against free radicals (which are damaging molecules generated by the sun, pollution and smoking) – Antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals before they can cause cell damage. As vitamin C protects our skin, it becomes depleted, so it only makes sense to supplement topically.
  2. Improving healing responses in the skin – While helping to fight against cancer and aging, antioxidants boost the immune system. Antioxidants like vitamin C will help trigger your own healing responses.
  3. Increasing collagen production – Studies have shown that use of vitamin C increases the production of collagen and slows its degradation- so when you use vitamin C topically you are both repairing and protecting the natural filler in your face that keeps your skin supple and full.
  4. Reducing inflammation – Vitamin C has been shown to reduce swelling and redness after laser treatments. Remember not to, scratch or rub irritated and inflamed areas, which can worsen the pain and inflammation.

We don’t recommend rubbing an orange on your skin – that would be sticky and a little weird. Happily, our serums, creams and moisturizers are the perfect vehicle for Vitamin C. While this nutrient is easily absorbed and can powerfully stimulate your own natural healing processes, not all vitamin C is equal. Trilogy Labs takes pride in fastidiously manufacturing our products using optimal ratios of the best ingredients found in nature. If you are using our professional strength products, your clients will look good, which makes our skin care pros look great!

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