In our second blog for the summertime skin care series, we will be highlighting some of our favorite products in the Purity Plus Collection. This skin care collection is focused on moisture and is gentle enough to be used by all skin types. Even if it’s hot and humid, we need to be sure our skin, like our body, stays hydrated. After all, hydration is essential for a youthful glow!

Our Purity Plus Collection is enriched with natural botanical ingredients. These ingredients mimic the skin’s natural lipids so that moisture stays intact. Not to mention, the products and ingredients in this collection are chock full of antioxidants that aid in the reversal of sun damage. This gentle collection ensures your clients’ skin stays hydrated and protected with a healthy, youthful and glowing appearance.

While we have many incredible products in this skin care collection, we will only be highlighting a few of our favorites for a simple yet effective five-step skincare process your clients are bound to love!

Gentle Cream Cleanser

Our Gentle Cream Cleanser is a creamy, mild, non-soap based facial cleanser containing soothing botanicals that instantly cleanses and hydrates the skin. The safflower seed oil and sunflower oil work together to moisturize, replenish and restore the skin with nourishing fatty amino acids while gently toning and smoothing the skin. While this cleanser works on all skin types, it best addresses the needs of clients with normal, sensitive or maturing dry skin.

Purity Toner with Green Tea

Forget the toners you used as an adolescent that stripped your skin of not only residual makeup, but all its natural moisture as well. This astringent is a moisturizing toner with powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, including green tea, designed to tone skin leaving it moisturized, soothed, clean and prepped to apply morning or nighttime routines. This refreshing solution tightens and calms skin, removes traces of cleanser or masks, and creates a suppleness of texture. This toner works wonders for all skin types!

HA Serum with Peptides

A serum and lightweight moisturizer in one, this unique hyaluronic acid-based serum does more than just replenish your clients’ skin’s supply of HAs – it is designed to enhance skin moisture and contains collagen-boosting peptides. This moisturizer also includes vitamin B and niacinamide to help revitalize the skin. It’s a perfect moisturizer for all skin types, as it is oil- and fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

Moisture Mask

If your client is looking to replenish deep hydration into their skin, then this product is for them! Our Moisture Mask contains the miracle moisturizing ingredient Pentavitin. Pentavitin is a skin-identical carbohydrate complex with a unique binding mechanism that acts to ensure moisture continues to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours. If your client is suffering from dry and itchy skin, this mask instantly goes to work, penetrating deep into the dermal layers of the skin. Your clients will love this product because they will notice their skin’s surface is visibly smoother, more comfortable and looks healthier.

Majic Eyes

Our Majic Eyes is just that – magic! This deeply hydrating eye gel combines two of the most powerful antiaging ingredients, liquid oxygen and peptides, into one powerhouse antiaging eye formulation. The liquid oxygen crystals work to brighten dull skin while acting as the delivery agent for a highly moisturizing peptide formula that prevents the formation of wrinkles and reduces their appearance. This product will improve skin texture while rejuvenating and smoothing your clients’ skin.

At Trilogy Laboratories, we are always working to create medical-grade private label skin care products that your clients are bound to love! And our Purity Plus Collection is no exception. Give us a call at (239) 939-5454 to get samples and add this gentle, yet highly effective skin care line to your product offerings.

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