Exfoliation is critical for even-toned, smooth, glowing skin. Older, hyperpigmented cells need to be removed and replaced with fresh new cells that have the highest amount of collagen and elastin while suppressing the overproduction of melanin. That is when Vitamin A derivatives, such as Retinol, come into play. Retinol is a super star ingredient that you’ll want to consider incorporating into your private label skincare line as it’s known for delivering a multitude of positive visible improvements to the skin.

What Is Retinol? 

Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate are Vitamin A derivatives. In the skin, they are converted by special enzymes into the active metabolite Retinoic Acid. This molecule is capable of stimulating various positive effects on skin cells. 

What Does Retinol Do?

This one ingredient will do all the things that every anti-aging product promises, but what few actually deliver.  Wrinkles? Check. Sagging skin? Check. Photo-aging?  Check. Age Spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation?  Check, check, check! This stuff is your best bet for quickly exfoliating your skin while in the process of eradicating hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. And with all of those other benefits, this one ingredient is the best “go to” for addressing skin’s biggest challenges.

Is Retinol Safe in Skin Care?

Many long term studies indicate that Retinol is safe to use and imparts many benefits to the skin. Although some people may find that the skin is slightly pink or flaky at the beginning of treatment, skin will generally normalize after a few weeks and irritation will be reduced or eliminated. Excessive sun exposure should also be avoided during this time; use of sunscreen is highly advised. Although there is no indication that using a topical Vitamin A derivative during pregnancy or breast feeding has any deleterious effects, it is still prudent to discontinue use. 

Benefits of Retinol Serum

Serums are light weight formulations that allow active ingredients to penetrate quickly and deeply into the tissue where they do their best work. Key ingredients are often at higher levels ensuring visible results. Most can be used day and night and often work well under makeup or a heavier night time moisturizer. Incorporating a Retinol product into your private label skin care line-up offers your customers a professional treatment that delivers results making them loyal to your brand.

Reduces Wrinkles

Retinol stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibers, the architectural components of the skin. Generally speaking, higher levels of collagen makes the skin more firm and less prone to fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, Retinol blocks the production of enzymes that break down collagen so that not only does our skin make more collagen but it keeps it in tact for longer periods of time. A win-win!

Brightens Skin

As the rate of cell turnover increases, many Retinol users experience a pink glow in the skin. The complexion becomes more even toned and exhibits a healthy radiance.

Fades Dark Spots

Studies indicte that with consistent use, all forms of hyperpigmentation especially that which is induced by photoaging, is reduced. This includes “age spots”, melasma, and mottled hyperpigmentation.

Minimizes Breakouts

As Retinol stimulates exfoliation of the skin, dead cells are cleared from pores. The helps prevent breakouts caused by clogged pores while also helping them to be minimized in appearance. Skin looks more clear and smooth with a refined texture.

How to Use Retinol

Retinol containing products can be applied anywhere that skin challenges may be occurring including the back, neck, decollete, backs of hands, and rough places such as the knees or elbows. When applying Retinol to the face, do not apply any closer to the eye than the orbital rim to avoid irritation. Retinol can be used in conjunction with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C or Glycolic Acid. It is best to use a product in which these ingredients are formulated together in appropriate amounts or alternate Retinol products wth other products that contain these active ingredients. Always use sun protection.

How Often to Use Retinol

Products with Vitamin A derivatives can be used daily and in some cases twice daily, depending on the strength and tolerance level of the individual. Many people prefer to “ramp up” when first using a Retinol containing product. Apply the product three to four timer per week slowy increasing usage as skin tolerates. If flakiness occurs and is not desired, simply reduce usage until the skin normalizes.

Best Retinol Serums & Products

Trilogy Laboratories knows that Retinol containing products are the backbone of any anti-aging regimen and therefore offers a variety of products with different levels and derivatives of this miracle Vitamin. Here are some options that can easily be included in your private label skin care line:

Anti-Age SerumThis anti-aging elixir contains three important forms of Vitamin A: Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, and Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate. This trio is a highly effective anti-wrinkle solution especially for those
who do not tolerate the drying effect of prescription Retin-A®. Fast results show firmer, more resilient skin
with less visible lines. This serum also helps address menopausal skin that may be blemish-prone and developing fine lines. 

Vita A Pro Serum:  With two Vitamin A derivatives, this professional-strength serum delivers more than double the strength of retinoids than most retail versions. This product contains Retinol, one of the clinically proven compounds that reduces the appearance of ne lines and wrinkles paired with Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate that works similar to its sister molecule tretinoin (aka Retin-A®) but with little to no irritation. This serum also helps to reduce oily shine and increase circulation while delivering a punch of powerful antioxidants. It effortlessly absorbs and can be an important part of an anti-blemish regimen. 

Retinol Mask:  This 3-in-1 mask exfoliates, tightens, and rejuvenates skin for a one step treatment that delivers immediate gratification. Pineapple and Papaya enzymes enhanced with Lactic Acid provide effective yet gentle elimination of dead cells revealing fresh, glowing skin that’s receptive to active ingredients. Retinol helps firm skin by stimulating collagen production reducing fine lines and increasing elasticity. Green Tea, CoEnzyme Q10, and Resveratrol are potent antioxidants protecting against environmental pollutants while Cranberry blunts breakouts. Even sensitive skin experiences an instant glowing, soft, and smooth result. 

Green Tea Tightening Mask:  Packed with active acids and enzymes, this mask is your one stop shop for anti-aging ingredients that will help repair sun exposed, damaged, and dull skin. Green Tea’s antioxidant activity scavenges free radicals produced by pollution and light. The enzymatic exfoliation action of organic Pineapples and Papaya whisk away dry skin while a powerful blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids including Lactic and Glycolic dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together, revealing a fresh complexion while reducing the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Retinol stimulates new elastin and collagen formation increasing the elasticity of skin for a brighter, tighter complexion. 

Find Retinol Products for Your Private Label Skin Care Line

In addition to Retinol infused products, Trilogy Labs utilizes many active ingredients including Vitamin C, Peptides, and AHAs stimulating positive visible changes in your client’s skin…ensuring repeat sales for you!

Learn how to quickly private label these products by contacting our Project Consultant at customerservice@trilogylaboratories.com or calling 239.939.5454.

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