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When it comes to creating your own custom private label skin care products, Trilogy Laboratories understands the importance of crafting products tailored to your practice or business. We manufacture skincare products for physicians, medical spas, day spas, and small businesses that sell our products under their own name or brand – but the best part is that because we are a lab, we offer a unique opportunity to customize these white label products to best suit the needs of your business or clients. We create it, but you customize it!  

Whether you’re wanting to incorporate a unique or trending ingredient like Irish Sea Moss, Bakuchiol, or Peony Flower into your skincare products or add a signature scent such as Green Tea/Cucumber, Lavender, or Sea Goddess, our Additive and Fragrance programs allow you to do just that. 

Additive Program

The skincare industry is a popular place to be! With many brands competing for a share of consumer attention, it’s important to find a niche that makes you stand out or provides a distinctive solution for a target client with specific skincare needs. A unique ingredient can do just that!

 Effective botanical extracts are being infused into many of the latest skincare products, and your private-label brand can take advantage of this trend with a signature additive. If you’re interested in adding a specific extract to create an exclusive product fueled by nature or inspired by your brand philosophy, then our Additive Program is right for you.  

This program allows you to incorporate trending ingredients into your private label skincare products. Bakuchiol is a great example of an additive that’s on point in the beauty industry.  Derived from the Babchi plant, this ancient Ayurvedic remedy acts as a natural “retinol alternative” stimulating collagen production while contributing strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can customize your very own cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and more with this incredible ingredient to create a skincare product that delivers visible results for your online, spa, and medical practice customers. 

 Fragrance Program

We understand the importance of aromatics. A signature scent can distinguish your brand and give your clients a unique sensory experience. Many of our products already contain botanical-based flower and herb extracts or essential oils, producing a slight natural fragrance that is lovely just the way it is. However, we also offer additional scents that are available for customization.

Our Project Consultants can guide you through the process of selecting an aromatic, essential oil, or fragrance oil for any of your face, body, and hair care products. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the fragrance options that are available.


Aromatics are simple extractions from a single plant species. For example, natural aromatic Cucumber extract will only contain volatiles physically extracted from Cucumber. Aromatics are great for imparting a delicate natural aroma to a skincare, body, or hair care product to cover the base odor of a product without using a fragrance. 

Essential Oils

These are aromatic volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, flowers, trees, roots, and seeds. Each oil may consist of hundreds of unique chemical compounds that are highly concentrated. The scent itself is more delicate than a fragrance oil and will dissipate after application or when it is exposed to the air or the warmth of your skin. 

Since both our aromatics and essential oil fragrances are derived from nature, it’s important to keep any allergies or sensitivities in mind when formulating your custom products.

Fragrance Oils

These scents are lab-created and because they are non-volatile, the aroma is more stable, predictable, and lasts longer than aromatics or essential oil fragrances. Not all plants have easily accessible essential oils like Blueberries or Vanilla, so nature-identical or modified molecules are made so that a beautiful, high-performance fragrance is developed. Our oils are phthalate-free and specific plant allergies/sensitivities do not come into play when using these fantastic fragrances. 

If you’re interested in creating your own custom manufactured private label skincare products, give us a call today at (239) 939-5454, or click here to take the first steps towards developing your own white label product line.

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