The beauty, skin care, and cosmetics industries are intertwined with consumers’ daily lives. Consumers from all walks of life trust brands to deliver high quality products that deliver on expectations.

Below the surface, however, there are problems with these industries that brands should know about—especially beauty brands considering a new line of skin care products.

What Are the Biggest Issues in the Beauty Industry Today?

Before securing a skin care business name, designing a logo, investing in products, and joining a competitive marketplace, it’s vital that brands understand major issues in the industry and find a private label manufacturer that tackles those problems head on.

1. Product Quality Crisis

Many cosmetics and skin care manufacturers do not have adequate quality control and testing processes in place, which can lead to compromised product quality, such as mold, packaging issues, or formula separation.

Reputable manufacturing companies and suppliers conform to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), have established quality assurance measures and testing procedures, have plans of action if issues arise, and are open to questions from brands about the manufacturing process.

2. Scarcity of Expertise

Skin care, cosmetics, and other beauty products must be properly formulated by seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of experts in the beauty industry, leaving some manufacturers to operate without such guidance.

Manufacturers and suppliers should have experienced professionals on their research and development teams as well as their testing, quality assurance, and production teams in order to ensure that products are created and processed in optimal conditions.

3. Lack of Transparency

Beauty brands deserve full transparency when it comes to manufacturers’ safety procedures, testing processes, and quality control. Many laboratories and suppliers, however, are not open and honest about their ingredients, sourcing practices, manufacturing process, or brand values—leaving skin care and beauty brands (and consumers) in the dark.

Transparency is key in the skin care and cosmetics industry. Private label skin care manufacturers must establish open lines of communication with clients and be forthcoming about brand values, business processes, and product development.

4. Lack of Control

Private label skin care is an attractive option for many skin care and cosmetics brands, yet these companies should still have control over the formulation and product development process. All decisions must be in the hands of these brands so that they can be proud of the products they offer to consumers.

An unfortunate reality of many manufacturers is a total lack of control—these companies are not open to modifications, changes, or updates, making it difficult for beauty brands to sell products that fit their business values.

Always look for private label skin care manufacturers that offer control over the process.

5. Greenwashing

Greenwashing in the beauty industry misleads consumers. Regrettably, the practice of greenwashing is still common in skin care and cosmetics. For example, manufacturers will label a product as “natural” or “green” even though they did not use organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients or eco-friendly processes.

Work with manufacturers that are honest about the ingredients in their products, accurately represent themselves on labels, and avoid exaggerating in their marketing language.

6. Not-So-Clean Ingredients

The continued push for “clean” skin care and cosmetics products has led to some companies, manufacturers, and suppliers to either falsify or greenwash their ingredients list or pivot to a natural preservative system without adequate testing. While the right natural preservatives can be extremely effective for a variety of products, a new formula requires extra research, development, and testing.

Manufacturers offering “clean” beauty products must ensure their products maintain strict quality standards, even while experimenting with new, cleaner formulations.

Why Should Beauty Brands Work with Trilogy Laboratories?

If you are ready to create a skin care line or expand your beauty brand, it’s important to find a manufacturer that addresses major problems in the beauty industry, stands apart from the crowd, and is dedicated to quality and transparency throughout the formulation and production process.

Look no further: Trilogy Laboratories is proud to serve beauty brands. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the skin care industry and design products that will transform the lives of your customers.

Complete Transparency

We provide complete transparency throughout the private label skin care process. We invite you to test the products before you decide whether to partner with us and encourage questions about our product development, testing, and packaging procedures.

Total Control of the Manufacturing Process

We also offer custom skin care manufacturing for beauty brands looking for more control. You can build your products from the ground up, including base ingredients, actives, botanical extracts, fragrances, essential oils, and colors, and our team of experienced physicians, estheticians, and beauty professionals will bring your dream to life.

Clean Ingredients

When we say “clean,” we mean it.

Our products are manufactured with quality ingredients that are the result of the perfect fusion of science and nature. From certified organic products to botanical extracts, we are proud of our selection of clean, fresh, and potent private label skin care products.

High Quality Standards

Thanks to our rigorous clinical and laboratory testing process and carefully chosen ingredients, we offer high quality, effective products to skin care and beauty brands across the country. We also follow CGMP standards to ensure excellence at every stage.

Decades of Experience Put to Work for You

We were founded by two doctors, Dr. Kristen Flaharty and Dr. Patrick Flaharty, who bring decades of experience to the product development process and stay up to date on new research and market trends. Science, quality, and beauty are at the heart of Trilogy Laboratories, and we’re proud to offer revolutionary, cutting-edge products backed by over 20 years of expertise.

Build Your Private Label Skin Care Line at Trilogy Laboratories

Are you ready to build your skin care brand or expand your line of beauty products? Skip the messy at-home chemistry and let us formulate, manufacture, and label your skin care products in our one-stop-shop.

At Trilogy Laboratories, our experienced project consultants are ready to guide you through the process of branding high-quality products that align with your company’s vision. We offer a beautiful selection of packaging, low minimum order quantities, and customizable formulas made with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients—all so you can wow your users, develop a loyal customer base, and grow your beauty brand.

Private label skincare doesn’t get any better than this.

Contact us today or call 239.939.5454 to get started with your private label skin care line.

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