Word on the street is that perfectly balanced skin needs no moisturizer. Perhaps there is some truth in that, but until the day that your clients reach the ultimate and most high state of skin perfection, the chemists at Trilogy Labs have formulated state of the art products that are perfect for dry skin, oily skin, and every combination in between. So, let’s analyze what the difference is between these skin types and what type of products can be used on each so that a beautiful balance can be achieved in the complexion that will keep your clients coming back for more!

Dry Skin vs. Oily Skin

Dry skin and oily skin are two different beasts caused by different intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors. And if that doesn’t sound confusing enough, it is possible to experience both dry and oily skin at the same time! As a matter of fact, most skin is a combination of types and even experiences seasonal changes that should be addressed – drier in the winter and more oily in the summer. To help you recommend great products for your clients, you’ll need to understand the difference and which products work best for each type.

Dry skin suffers from a lack of water. This can be due to living in a dry environment, not drinking enough water and living in a chronic state of dehydration, or a drop in hormones and other water collecting molecules (such as hyaluronic acid) in the body that usually occurs with an increase in age. BTW, all skin colors have the same number of sweat glands that only varies due to climatic changes, not with racial factors. So even though different in color, they basically produce the same amount of water.

To determine if skin is dry, LOOK at the skin. Is it flaky, itchy, dry, or peeling especially after cleansing? Is it “crepey” under the eyes after you wash? Dry skin can benefit from extra water consumption and sweating, that actually forces water out onto the surface of the skin. In addition, using emollient rich products that help add and lock in moisture will benefit this skin type, keeping it plump and dewy.

Want to know if skin is oily? Once again, use your peepers to examine skin to look for signs such as congestion, pimples, and blackheads. Does the skin experience an oily sheen halfway through the day? Does it feel itchy several hours after cleansing and much more calm after a suds up? Then using more astringent products and lightweight moisturizes is the way to go for a clear and calm complexion.

Does Oily Skin Look Younger Than Dry Skin?

As previously mentioned, highly pigmented skin has the same amount of sweat glands as low pigmented skin so the chances of being water dry are about the same. But is darker skin really more oily than it’s pale counter part? African American skin has more casual lipids and more moisture in the stratum corneum than Caucasian skin exhibiting as hydrated, plumper, smoother skin. Also, melanin-rich skin is thicker with a more compact dermis making facial lines less noticeable; Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6 (darker) have about 20 cell layers compared to about 10 in types 1-3 (lighter). These factors tend to make richly pigmented skin appear less wrinkled and more youthful than fair complexions. That is why choosing a perfect product with the right active ingredients will support any skin type whether melanin-rich or not, dry or hydrated, and with any level of oil production.

Can You Use Products for Dry Skin on Oily Skin?

Although most skin types are “combos” allowing for the crossover of certain products, this is definitely not a one size fits all situation. Many people even have to switch up their skin care regimens with the change of seasons so it is imperative that you offer a selection of products to keep most complexions in a state of balance and glow. Some user-friendly products that most can use are:

  • A gel-based cleanser that lightly foams.
  • Serums that quickly absorb and that do not contain oil.
  • Jelly-like masks that are aloe or hyaluronic acid based as opposed to clay.
  • A light-weight moisturizer that is sparingly applied.
  • A moisturizing toner that can be spritzed on skin throughout the day.

What Products Should You Not Use on Oily Skin?

In general, oil-based products, particularly cleansers, do best on skin that is not already over-laden with oil. There are much better choices for oily skin out in the marketplace so why not stick with ones designed specifically for this skin type? And because oily skin tends to breakout more than dry skin (the microbes that cause pimples feed off the sebum produced in skin), it is best to avoid the following ingredients as they are rated as highly comedogenic (although some of them are even safe for and supportive of dry skin).

  • Shea Butter.
  • Acetylated Lanolin.
  • Almond, Avocado, and Wheat Germ Oils.
  • Lauric Acid/Coconut Oil.
  • Isopropyl Myristate.

How Can I Balance My Oily & Dry Skin?

Both oily and dry skin needs to be regularly cleansed and exfoliated. Most people are walking around with about 30 extra layers of dead skin on their face so in order for active ingredients to be able to get down into the epidermis to do their work, removing those excess layers is imperative. After cleansing and exfoliating, applying a toner is a great way to remove extra oil or to begin adding extra moisture into the skin. Choose one with ingredients that can accomplish those specific tasks for better balanced skin. Moisturize the face using the “spot treatment” method. Just like you wouldn’t apply a pimple cream anywhere except onto the blemish, why would you blanket your entire face with a heavy moisturizer (unless the whole thing resembled the Saharan Desert!) Use a medium weight moisturizer under eyes and a very lightweight lotion over the rest of the face. If particularly parched, a serum can be layered under a treatment cream for added hydration.

Skin Care Products for Dry & Oily Skin

Trilogy Labs has developed products for the predominately parched to the often oily and the everything in between skin types! Below are products that you can offer in your private label skin care line that can be used by most skin types including dry, oily, and combination skin.

Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser

This lightly foaming cleanser infused with Grapefruit Peel Oil helps to gently exfoliate skin with naturally occurring AHAs while nourishing with Green Tea and Honeysuckle. It’s good for most skin types and rinses clean without an oily residue, dryness, or tightness.

Vitamin C Antioxidant Emulsion

A truly unique hybrid product that is a cross between a serum and a lightweight moisturizer, this emulsion is infused with high levels of Vitamin C like a serum but it is encapsulated inside of Liposomes adding a creamy moisturizing component. Absorbs quickly and can even be used under make-up.

Bakuchiol Desert Cactus Serum

Bakuchiol replaces retinol for sensitive skin types. Cells are stimulated to replenish themselves in a lightly emollient serum that melts into skin. Can be used by itself or layered under a lightweight moisturizer for added hydration as needed.

Watermelon Tourmaline Eye Cream

Watermelon and Tourmaline Gemstones are infused into this ultra-lightweight under eye cream making it suitable for all skin types. It can even be applied over the entire face for a blast of absorbable moisture after cleansing.

Lemon Balm Bouncy Moisturizer

Organic botanical extracts provide antioxidant benefits to moisturize and soothe sensitive or blemish prone skin. Lemon Balm is a natural remedy that reduces redness and microbes while Licorice keeps hyperpigmentation at bay. Echinacea and Turmeric combined with Jojoba Oil moisturizes without clogging pores.

Find Dry & Oily Skin Care Products for Your Private Label Skin Care Line

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