Autumn is the perfect time to update your skin care routine for the new season and choose new skin care products to combat the damage fall weather can cause your skin.

We’ve created a list of fall skin care products you can implement into your skin care regimen to ensure your skin glows and stays healthy during the coming months. And if you are interested in creating or expanding your private skin care line, consider adding autumn-proof skin care products for your customers.

Why You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine in the Fall

Skin Care Routine

No matter where you live, you can generally expect cooler temperatures, lower humidity levels, more wind, and a drier atmosphere in the autumn months. Unfortunately, our skin does not like sudden changes, and the transition from summer to fall can wreak havoc on our skin. The dry, cold, low-moisture environment that goes hand in hand with pumpkin picking and changing leaves can also lead to dry, itchy skin and exacerbated skin care conditions like eczema.

That’s why adjusting your skin care routine for fall is crucial. To keep your skin barrier healthy and protect it from increased sensitivity, irritation, and dryness, use skin care products designed to protect your skin from the seasonal environment.

How to Tweak Your Skin Care Regimen for Autumn: 8 Tips

Follow these fall skin care tips to protect your skin against the cooler, drier weather.

1. Use a Hydrating Cleanser

High-quality cleansers are formulated to clean dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils from the skin. However, during the colder months, your skin needs some of its natural oil to stay hydrated.

Look for a cleanser that is both gentle and hydrating to use during autumn—ideally a cream or oil-based cleanser for extra hydration.

2. Incorporate a Vitamin C Serum

Adding vitamin C to your skin care routine boosts collagen production, which helps your skin retain moisture during the colder, drier time of year. This ingredient also evens skin pigmentation, helps protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) sun damage, and boosts and brightens your complexion.

3. Swap Light Moisturizers for Thicker Creams

Skin Care Products

The lack of humidity in autumn air leads to drier skin. While a light moisturizer may be your go-to during the hot summer months, you need a thicker cream to keep skin hydrated in the fall to compensate for these environmental changes. Switch to a thicker moisturizer before bed, ideally one made from ceramides to support your skin barrier.

4. Add an Extra Layer of Hydration

For an extra layer of hydration, use a hyaluronic acid-based serum or sheet mask in addition to your thicker moisturizer. This additional protection will help prevent your skin from getting dehydrated on cold, dry, windy days.

5. Use a Lip Moisturizer & Eye Cream

During the summer, you may not use lip moisturizer or eye cream, but don’t skip these products during the fall. Applying a moisturizing lip balm during the day and a hydrating eye cream at night protects the skin around your eyes and on your lips from the dry atmosphere.

6. Bring Back Retinoids

Retinoids and retinols, popular and effective anti-aging products, can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so many people avoid them in the summer. As you are adjusting your skin care regimen for autumn, it’s an opportunity to reintroduce retinoids into your nightly routine to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Cut Back on Exfoliating

Skin Care Regimen for Autumn

Over exfoliating can damage the skin barrier, leading to dehydrated, inflamed skin—and thanks to the colder, drier environment, that’s the last thing your skin needs.

Limit exfoliants to no more than once per week to ensure your skin can retain moisture and stay hydrated.

8. Continue Using Sunscreen

Exposure to UV radiation from the sun damages the skin and can increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Sunscreen should be used year-round because it helps decrease the amount of UV radiation your skin is exposed to. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day to protect your skin.

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